If you haven’t heard of Cat Cafés, let me just let you in on this little bit of joy right now; it's a café, wait for it, where you get to hang with cats

I KNOW RIGHT?! If you’re thinking, “Where have these been all my life?” or "Now I can stop trying to pet the strays on my street" you are definitely not alone. Cat Cafés started in Taiwan in the late 90's and became famous in Japan circa 2004. This unique and brilliant business model has yet to break into the American market… until now. 


Purina, the major cat food company, has just backed the first American Cat Café located at 168 Bowery. Service will be starting as soon as this Thursday *screeches* and word around town is that the kitty company has partnered with a Brooklyn-based coffee roaster. Great joe and all the purrs you could ever desire. 

The best part of it all? The cats at the Purina Cat Café will be adoptable!! That’s right, if you fall in kitty-love after bonding hardcore over your cup of joe, you can bring your furry friend home with you!

 I really wish you could hear my squeals, because this is seriously my dream come true.

Don’t live in NYC? There is still hope for you. Cat Cafés are rumored to be popping up in San Francisco, Oakland, and Montreal.

So if you’re like me and your roommate doesn’t trust you to adopt a cat of your own, drop everything and stop by this magical place where dreams come true, to cuddle with cats and pretend they’re your own. That is certainly my plan. 


Mary Rockcastle is a florist, illustrator, and craftswoman living in Rochester, New York. She’s the sole founder of Little Lamb Studios, and #1 biggest fan of all dogs.

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