I’m a huge sloth fan. I did a project on them in fourth grade and have been hooked ever since. I even made fan art, people:


 Maybe it’s because I find their give-no shits attitude toward moving inspiring… and it totally makes me feel better about neglecting my gym membership…

Regardless, sloth- activist, Monique Pool, is my hero/has my dream job.

Pool founded Green Heritage Fund Suriname as a sloth rescue center out of her home in Suriname, South America. What she originally envisioned as a small-scale operation, housing one or two sloths at a time, has grown into the sheltering of about 200 over a three-month period. Monique became “slothified” or “overwhelmed by sloth”, as she describes it, after a plot of land near the capital city of Paramaribo was cleared in 2012, one that many sloths once called their home. Because sloths do not thrive in captivity, however, Monique tries to release adult sloths back into the wild as soon as possible. Baby sloths and their surrogate mothers, on the other hand, need a couple of months to regain strength before they can be released. So basically this woman’s house is full of baby sloths… and my cuteness-meter just exploded.


“When I walk from my bathroom to the kitchen, I see sloths hanging all over the place.”


The rapid growth of Pool’s conservation project is a direct result of the ever-growing problem of habitat depletion. Pool hopes to raise awareness and counteract the problem by building a sloth park in the country. I would seriously visit/ move in immediately.  

Images courtesy of Becca Field / Conservation International / Via conservation.org




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