As if taking normal iPhone pictures of strangers was not invasive enough, the “Peek- I” takes voyeurism to a whole new level. No one is fooled into believing that “Spy Cam Peek-I” is for taking pictures “discretely at a 90 degree angle” for the sake of being the next James Bond…which is the current sell featured on the gadget’s Indigogo campaign

(via: Indiegogo)

Peek- I--which has not only graced the top charts of the crowd funder Indiegogo, but has exceeded its target goal by over $10,000--remains on the crowd funder site despite multiple complaints. The device was first shamelessly advertised as a tool to take up skirt and boob shots of non-consenting women. It appears that after the complaints, the company lazily edited their video, but the original can still be found on YouTube:

Everything about this gadget and the way it has been marketed is truly sickening. Even their attempts at “warning” potential users make me want to scream: "If you want to take sneaky pictures of people without them knowing, this is the way to do it. Just don't be creepy about it."

“Want a picture of your secret crush? You can make that happen and your crush won’t even think you are stalking him or her, because you will be looking in a different direction.” 


Products like this are already available for photography enthusiasts and tech geeks… the only difference is that this product advertises directly to creeps. If you buy this product for snooping or taking inappropriate pictures without consent you are in fact the opposite of James Bond and should face penalties of the law.  That is all.

Images courtesy of Indiegogo



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