Lit-ra-lee Up Close And Personal With Viral Video Star

I began taking comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, they let just about anyone willing to fork over money into those classes, so don’t hold your comedic expectations too high, okay?!

I have, however, had the luck of meeting some really talented people, who I plan on name- dropping into conversations in the future while saying, “I knew them when…”


(via: Facebook)

One of these super talented souls is Sam Klemmer of Garlic Jackson Comedy (go stalk their YouTube and Facebook page NOW), who nonchalantly shared with the class that his comedy group’s video was going viral. He failed to mention that he also played the starring role…

As soon as I got home I watched “Help My Girlfriend is Literally Dying” and lit-ra-lee saw my life flash before my eyes. His group captured the hilarity of millennial lingo, and the result of Queen Bey’s visual album dropping from the sky.

Sam was nice enough to answer all of my questions, even with my attempts to be funny/witty:

Q: First off, is this from real- life experience/did your girlfriend/(someone on your team's) literally die?

S: The inspiration for the sketch came largely from noticing girls' reactions to Beyonce's grammy performance.  My friend said that his girl friend and her friends were "literally DYING" watching it, and twitter confirmed that this was not an isolated incident.  The girls of Garlic Jackson love Beyonce and when I pitched the idea there was a resounding YASSS.

(via  lanactrltdelrey.tumblr.com)

Twitter: @IamLaTavia

Q: Did you expect it to go viral?

S: I had a gut feeling that this was a relatable sketch to most people our age.  When we performed it live last month, there was a huge reaction, so I had a feeling it would be a great video - although I did not expect it to have been viewed over 600k times in two weeks.  

Q: In the case of the yassss, if Anne Hathaway videos don't work, could you offer a backup plan? 

S: If Anne is unavailable, I'd prescribe a gif of Kim Kardashian crying and a bucket of ice water. 

For your viewing pleasure:  

(Via: Hollyscoop.com)

Q: What can we look forward to next from Garlic Jackson Comedy? Do you have any scheduled shows? 

S: Garlic Jackson will be debuting a brand new hour of sketches at the PIT on Friday, April 25th at 8:00 and later that night will be defending their Backyard Brawl crown at UCB Chelsea at midnight.  Stay tuned for more vids but subscribe to our Youtube channel and like our Facebook, both called Garlic Jackson Comedy!

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