Bandage ImageOkay, fine, maybe it's slightly early to start gushing about Halloween goodies, but cut me some slack here: I've had my costume planned since June (Winona Ryder at the very end of Heathers), and I started compiling a list of sweet spooky stuff sometime around August. At the top of said list? Two's Company Boo! Boo! Bandages --totally intended for kids but adored by accident-prone adults like me. A 30-pack comes assorted with ghosts, webs, skulls and bats, all of which are graphic and ultra-fun without being too cartoonish. They're perfect for little lacerations endured while carving pumpkins, but we klutzes should think about wearing these year-round; injects a little whimsy into the constant healing process, you know?

Boo! Boo! Bandages at Lou Lou's Corner , $4.50 for 30.

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