Raw And Intimate Portraits Of Women Will Change The Way You See Mennonites


In Flower Woman, the photographer Eunice Adorno enters the Mennonite community Nuevo Ideal, in Durango, and The Onda Zacatecas, hoping to scratch beneath the surfaces of stereotypes and uncover deeper truths about the women’s lifestyles. The character of the strict and austere Mennonite female is replaced with a more honest and nuanced exploration of female friendships and family.




The images are whimsical, displaying the women sporting smiles and floral prints, enjoying an ice cream cone and playing with one another’s hair. What emerges is a startlingly familiar catalog of young womanhood: tender pictures of crushes framed in sweetheart boxes, intimate wedding scenes, and a freshly baked cake. Adorno’s images are all the more nostalgic for her use of pastel tones and photographs of old family photo album images, but they never veer into saccharine or sentimental territory, hitting a uniquely playful and quirky note time and again. 



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Images via Feature Shoot

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