The two women with the ability to perfectly encapsulate what it means to be 13 or 23 have finally come together for the ultimate girl-talk: The Believer magazine just released Judy Blume in Conversation With Lena Dunham. The cover promises "two cultural icons discuss feminism, censorship, sex, and a sixth-grade literary hoax." I am only slightly suspicious that this sounds like the contents of my tumblr...

At first, I was highly convinced the whole affair would make me want to bang my head against a wall; Dunham's recent interview of Mindy Kaling felt more like a forced autobiography than an insightful discussion. But the AV Club has an exclusive preview of the Blume + Dunham affair and it is, *gasp*, an actual conversation between two cool people! Discussing cool things! And just being cool!

So do yourself a favor, be just as cool, and check it out!


Thanks to the AV Club

Images via Wikipedia and NY Daily News