On Wednesday evening, The New York Times’s Frank Bruni was enjoying a cab ride home from dinner at New York’s Barbuto when he saw an inconspicuous little iPhone sitting on the seat beside him. Without a case and yet perfectly intact, he took the lost phone home and waited for it to ring. To his dismay, the phone was impenetrable. But there was a stream of texts coming in from celebrity contacts like psychic Peri Lyons and stylist Lo’renzo Hill-White. 



With the help of his assistant, Isabella Moschen, Bruni put the pieces together: this was former BUST cover girl Courtney Love’s phone. Bruni kindly respected Love’s privacy, and he sent out a tweet to get in touch with her. It worked, and her manager contacted Bruni. Bruni tells New York Magazine, It's not exactly a column I could write but it is a fun story [...] This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or at least a signed copy of a Hole album." A friendship made in heaven! 



Thanks to New York Magazine

Images via New York Magazine and BUST Magazine/Amber Gray