Claire Meyer and Alan Linic have been dating for eight-ish months. Like any couple, their relationships has its ups and downs. Unlike any couple, every "fight," from minor spat to all-out war, is documented on their Twitter account: We Fought About. The updates come roughly every other day, with a general balance between the aggressor and the offended. According to an interview with The Cut, no fight goes undocumented, regardless of content or severity. 

My first reaction was the same sharp inhale through gritted teeth you make when you see an especially bad America's Funniest Video of some uncle getting hit in the junk. How could such a level of intimacy being shared with the world be good for anybody? But Meyer says it has made her feel "like more of a sane girlfriend" and is "therapeutic." 

The concept seems so self-important that it's difficult to take seriously, but the pair seems to be pulling it off with a genuine desire to better understand each other. Yet, the underlying current of sweetness really only does so much to compensate for the fact that this is a public record of a very private involvement. The internet has already done so much to drain the sanity out of relationships (He liked her profile picture? What does it all mean?!) and now you're telling me this is what kids these days are up to? I am already imagining anthropologists, fifty years in the future, studying this Twitter account as a primary source for research on those mysterious millenials of yore. 

What are your thoughts? Is something like this healthy or just plain weird? Does the 'net help or hinder relationships? What's next...people marrying dogs?!


Thanks to The Cut

Image via We Fought About



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