Many women suffering from breast cancer face the possibility of a double mastectomy, a surgical procedure in which the breasts are partially or completely removed. In addition to the pain and fear of undergoing a major surgery, some women express feelings of grief over the loss of their breasts. For this reason, this beautiful dance, performed by a woman and her team of doctors, is an especially moving affirmation of the resilience of the female-- and human!-- body. 


In the middle of the operating room, the mother of two and her surgical team crank up the Beyonce and really let their hair down. It an ecstatic celebration of their bodies; her hospital gown flares outwards, and she uses it to underscore the intricacy of her movements, lifting it and shimmying. 


The doctors, nurses, and patient express everything they want to say through dance and murmurs: “Well done, ladies.” At the close of the video, the patient thanks her friends for “creating this opportunity to dance.” It is truly remarkable. Watch the dance party below. 


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Video and image via YouTube