Rad poetry columnist for BUST and former BUST covergirl Amber Tamblyn, in collaboration with filmmakers Beans & Bueller, has made the most uniquely amazing video for the latter’s web series segment, “This One Time.” As the Beans & Bueller website states, the segment “brings the intimate, funny, disturbing, often wasted tales of interesting people to life through puppetry”—a genius idea with hilarious, but also surprisingly touching results.

Watch Tamblyn’s video below, which details a crazy story of adolescent spontaneity (hint: it involves nipple rings and a homeless guy) as narrated by Tamblyn via a wolf puppet. Be sure to check out Tamblyn's column in the next issue of BUST, and for more Beans & Bueller videos, visit their website here


Thanks to Beans & Bueller and FKR.TV

Image via Deadline, Video via YouTube

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