Happy Hallow's Eve's Eve, BUSTies! As another year comes to a close we don our carefully crafted outfits and munch on yummy candy, new controversies erupt over what costumes are socially acceptable or too revealing. And a lot of times, these conversations revolve around what women are entitled to wear. So before you head out tomorrow, take a listen to this awesome slam poetry from Washington D.C’s Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals 2013. Because despite how we feel about barely-there costumes and the like, we women are all in this together. 



Performers Hannah Halpern, Amina Iro, Reina Privado, and Asha Gardner bravely give voice to what we’ve all been thinking: in many ways, our country vilifies women. From rampant rape culture and slut-shaming to attacks on reproductive rights, we’ve been under fire in the last year. The young women chant, “Let me be your worst nightmare for one night” and “The boogie man is a lot less frightening than a strong woman.” They remind us that we are entitled to express our deepest, possibly most terrifying selves on this special Hallows Eve, whatever that might mean to us: “I’d much rather be a woman, and if that means being a monster...” Amen, ladies. 




Video via YouTube

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Image via Beyond Hollywood

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