Gender-Bending Lady Finds Work As Male Model


Elliot Sailors had a successful career as a female model with Ford agency until she hit thirty. Facing a dramatic decrease in job offers, many models are forced to shift gears as they age. But instead of turning to behind the scenes fashion work or hosting shows like America’s Next Top Model, Sailors pursued a career as a male model. 



To make herself appear more conventionally masculine, she binds her chest, cuts her hair, and highlights her jaw. She believes that transitioning to male modeling has afforded her more time in the industry as men don’t face the same limited standards of youth: “Men don’t need to look as young as possible, so I have a lot of time,” she tells New York Post


Her life has changed since taking on a male role. She and her supportive husband are often considered to be a gay couple, and she realizes that people rarely hold doors open for her. She now prefers dressing down and going out without make-up. Happy male-modeling to this innovative woman! Let's hope her actions encourage others to challenge gender norms in fashion and lead to less rigid standards for youth in female modeling. 



Thanks to New York Post 

Images via New York Post

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