These Models are Completely Photoshopped...But Not in the Way You'd Expect

In the biggest "Wait...what?" I've witnessed in a while (well...maybe since earlier today), Party City has been caught red-handed committing a Class-A Photoshop disaster.

The models of their (what I suppose one could call) "festive legwear" selection, have all been Photoshopped to appear in both the straight and plus size versions. Did they really think we wouldn't notice the same image flipped or stretched? As the Gloss keenly notes, "[T]hese all look wonky, weird and aren’t particularly effective."


While on one hand it's interesting to think a model was Photoshopped to appear plus size, as opposed to the usual "chop off half of her body" routine, I find the whole situation rather demeaning. In a Scrooge-like effort to save a dollar, Party City took away potential jobs from plus size models, and give customers a skewed version of what these products actually look like on a plus size woman. 

How do YOU feel about it? Should this just be brushed under the rug as an annoyance or has the crappy-costume superstore crossed the line?

Thanks to The Gloss.

Images via The Huffington Post/Party City.

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