Fraternity Bro Sends 'Rapey' Email #whatsnew

Frats: Keg stands, Tikki torches, and brothers for life. Two weeks ago, an email surfaced from Georgia Techs Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, describing how to “Lure Rapebait”. The email goes into intense detail about how to hook up with women at parties.  The email explicitly tells the other fraternity brothers exactly what any girl wants: "A GOOD DICK GRIND".

“Here is how to dance: Grab them on the hips with your 2 hands and then let them grind against your dick. After that slowly alternate between just putting your hand across their stomach, but make sure don’t to go to high (keep it under the boob) or too low (don’t try to finger her… yet). After a song, start putting your cheek on the side of her cheek. ALWAYS USE YOUR HANDS OR ARMS TO GUIDE THEIR DANCING in order to maximize your pleasure. If she starts putting her hair over her ear, THAT MEANS SHE WANTS A KISS."


The fraternity has stayed tight-lipped about the viral status of their brothers' “How-to” email, but I doubt they will wipe this from their reputation as easy as they can “expunge” a girl from their bedroom (no joke, that is actually in the email). No word yet on the disciplinary actions Georgia Tech will take against the fraternity, but allegedly they have taken “actions”.

This email is hands down atrocious, but it also makes me a little sad. The viral status of this email will only perpetuate stereotypes against fraternities even more. I have to believe that not all frat guys are like this dingus. Reading this letter was the summation of what every movie has taught me about fraternities thus far. Exemplified in this quote:

“Alright chods, some of you could use some help on how to mack and succeed at parties. Mostly pledges do, but some bros could use a review. For anytime throughout the party… If you are standing by yourself at any point, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!!! If you are talking to a brother of your pledge brothers when there are girls just standing around, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!!!"

Why must this dude put pressure on other men to be calculating predators? I get that socializing is part of the Greek experience, but I’m pretty sure being a jerk isn’t part of your pledge process or whatever men say when they get inducted into a Fraternity.

Not cool Bro.


Read the rest of the letter here.

Thanks to Gawker and Total Frat Move

Images via Phi Kappa Theta National Website and Panda Whale 


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