In today's extremely-important-you-really-need-to-read-this feminist news, various sources are reporting that elephants and dogs have been recently seen frolicking together. 

We first received the news this morning, when the Huffington Post uncovered the story that Bubbles and Bella, an elephant and a dog, are totes besties. As revealed in the video below, they do indeed seem to be quite attached to each other.



Global Animal later confirmed earlier reports, with its news that a baby elephant once tried to wake up a dog with its trunk. And man oh man, that doggie did not want to get up. Watch the below, and check out the special snout-finger action.


These two stories are merely the most recent in the growing world of elephant-dog love fests, coming on the heels, if you will, of one of the first pairs to flaunt the trend: BFFs ara the elephant  and Bella the dog.


We'll be keeping a close eye on this story as it further develops, and will bring you the latest news as soon as it comes in. Stay tuned. 

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