Grossest, Funniest Birthing Simulator Ever Is Also Educational



Getting ready to pop out a wee-one but still unsure what to expect? Want something a little more tangible than a viewing of The Miracle of Life? Not me. I certainly don't fondly reminisce about the film's bird's eye view of the vaginal opening or the loud screams of my fellow high school classmates. I did not think the horrors of that movie could be topped.

Then there came Laerdal's birthing simulator, MamaNatalie. Bring ole' Natalie into your home and you may be screaming even louder than we did in class. Unlike the raw footage in The Miracle of Life, MamaNatalie is not exactly human, but you betta’ believe home-girl’s ready to burst like the best of them right before your very eyes, complete with all the accoutrements of the glorious birthing process.

Its website kindly assures costumers that the product is characterized by a “user-friendly realism.” I don’t know about you ladies, but I see nothing “friendly” about this image:



As this article describes, mesmerizing matron MamaNatalie comes with blood concentrate, an adorably disturbing plastic fake baby, artificial placenta with umbilical chord, fetal stethoscope, simulated fetal heartbeat, even more glorious fluids, and a fluid collection. Mmm, sign me up! Fingers crossed it doesn't stain the carpet!


BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! All this can be wrapped up and buckled tight in a stylish backpack. Take it anywhere! The mall, a friend’s house. It's the perfect ice-breaker for any party.

It is too easy to make jokes about this birthing simulator, but it is also just as easy to see the benefits of such a product. While laughing, it is hard to deny how helpful it could be having more tools available to understand a process that manages to be gross and beautiful at the same time. So thank you MamaNatalie! You make me oh so excited to one day be MamaLindsay! *cringes*

Now who's ready to rock that backpack with me?




Thanks to io9 and Laerdal

Images via io9


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