Do you gals know about the slow loris? About five minutes ago, I didn't either. Turns out, slow lorises might be the best primates to grace the internet thus far. Seriously, they have the expressiveness of a monkey, the cuddliness a sloth, and the soul of a human being (just look into those eyes)!


We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest slow lorises around for your enjoyment, starting with Sonya, the tickle fiend who enjoys her mom’s gentle touch:



Want more? Check out this little doll baby (as my mother-in-law would put it):



This one might be my favorite. He’s just so gentle, the way he peers at his favorite snack and sweetly takes bites from his human companion. 



And finally, we bring you the diva slow loris, enjoying her nice day at the spa: 



Do you have any cool slow lorises you wanna share with the world? Post below!


Writer's note: Because slow lorises are a source of so much of our joy, let's do our part to take care of them. These magical creatures are endangered, and the exotic pet trade has proved dangerous for them. Please enjoy these creatures with respect and an eye for preservation. 

Videos via Youtube 

Image via The PBH Network


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