The violence in Egypt is reaching its apex. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood, voted into power barely a year ago after the Egyptian revolution of 2011 that ousted Hosni Mubarak, are hiding out in mosques. History’s happening all over again in Tahrir square. 

What Egypt needs, maybe, is a li’l inspiration.


 My jaw literally dropped when I saw this video of 12-year-old Ali Ahmed explaining the problems with the Islamist constitution implemented by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

This kid defines “fascist theocracy” for the journalist interviewing him, using the ‘big words’ I got my ass kicked for in grade school. 

And if you think he’s just spitting back a script, watch out for his thoughts on gender equality at 1:28. 

(And speaking of male feminists…)

I wish American kids knew this much about the political process in our country, but my hope for the future’s been restored with this guy here. 

Thanks to Upworthy

Photo via Time 

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