Now, my Italian is limited to whatever I remember from my stay in Italy about 2 years ago, but I did not need to understand anything in order to enjoy this yoga video!


First of all, the guy is super-cute, with his scruff, accent and sleeve… and then the dog! Seriously, I can’t get over this dog! The way he rolls his head, side to side “lentamente” is abso-fucking-lutely adorable. And I can’t lie, I like hearing yoga asanas in Italian—it sounds like a song.

But the music! The calming music with this chihuahua’s head swaying side to side fits so perfectly together. That being said, my favorite part is this little chihuahua in his little downward dog with his tail swaying with joy at the back of his bum! Aaah!!!

Watching this yoga video will transform my at-home yoga routine into something else entirely. I’ll be laughing and swooning at the same time.

Enough said, just watch it. Trust me, you’ll never want to stop!

Video and photo via YouTube