I don’t know where you are, but here at BUST HQ, it’s a really poopy day: it’s rainy, windy and way colder than it should be for the first day of August. But even if it's sunny and 70 with a light breeze coming off the beach, these photos of quokkas will brighten up your day x 1,000:




The quokka, aka the world’s squee-inducing animal, is possibly the first Australian mammal glimpsed by Europeans. They were originally mistaken for huge rats, so the Dutchman who found them named the island they were found on them Rottenest, which comes from the Dutch word for “rat’s nest.” They can grow to the size of a medium-sized housecat, but, unlike the housecat, the quokka has a perpetual smile plastered on its face.

But honestly, there's no comparison

Wikipedia says that quokkas have no fear of humans (!) and tend to approach them quite closely (!!), but it is illegal to handle them, as they are a vulnerable species.


Couple of quokkas, doin' what quokkas do best: chill

I’d never heard of them before, but, like, LOOK AT THAT FACE! How can you not love that face?

Yeah, these guys are truly the happiest guys. Check out this video of a quokka and baby below!

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