From games that teach girls how to masturbate, to a period diary that chronicles your day-to-day mood, we love a weird app here at BUST, but this one takes the cake. Or, it WOULD take the cake as long as you're not afraid to be insulted by THE MOST KAWAII GUY IN YOUR SCHOOL OMIGOD LOL.


So there's this new app called Nenshou (FOR GIRLS) in development where a bunch of hot anime bros insult you into losing weight. What I'm getting from this is that it's like, half exercise app, half RPG romance game. Basically the app gives you arm and leg work outs, and Cute Boy calls you fat as motivation. And good news, ladies, you can develop a whole ~relationship~ with him.

Because if I wanted to lose weight, it would definitely be so I could have a fake anime boyfriend. Logically. 

The best part? It's derived for a similar weight-loss app (FOR MEN) which has a cute girl encouraging guys through their work out. But you know...with compliments and support. Apparently when it comes to female weight loss, commentary from hotties are only motivational if they're insults. Sounds legit. 

Well the joke's on them, I'm not INTO anime characters anymore. This isn't Toonami in 2001, or even in 2002, this is REAL life. The only animated character that could ever encourage me into doing anything is Trent Lane, and that's because I find his total indifference sexy. 

HA. How do you feel about this? An effective method to lose weight? Another horrific example of fat-shaming? Or, you know...totally fucking ridiculous overall? Let us know in the comments!

And I'm going to eat a giant Hostess cupcake now because IDGAF.

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