Chelsea Clinton is one of the classiest young ladies I can think of. Also, she’s awesome. Not just because she’s a Clinton Foundation leader or a board member for Common Sense Media,  but because she loves a good book—especially one with a strong, intelligent female leading by example. 

In her Our Friends’ Favorites segment, she dropped some literary names that made me love her a whole bunch: Ramona Quimby, Meg Murray, Claudia Kincaid, and Nancy Drew.


“All of my favorite female characters are adventurous, tough, curious, and determined,” Clinton says. “They all either have or develop their own sense of independence, and while they all have serious tasks -- from figuring out a mystery to rescuing a younger brother to convincing their father to stop smoking -- they manage to not take life too seriously, to see the wonder in the world and laugh along the way.”

She says that Ramona Quimby, from Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books, inspired her to ask her grandmother to stop smoking—and her grandmother quit! 

“I hope that anyone who reads these books with their daughters or sons experiences the same joy I recall as a child, imagining myself spending the night at the Met, cracking a case, or venturing out to new terrain, somewhere far away or just around the block. And I hope that kids have the same ineffable knowledge that I never doubted: that all my favorite characters were there cheering me on along the way, as I had cheered them on through their stories.”

Aw, Clinton, this just makes me love you more. 

So, what books are you reading to your kids? What books influenced you as a young one? Bonus points for ones with awesome female characters—especially if they inspired you to do something great!

Original Article via commonsensemedia.org

Photo of Chelsea Clinton by Kyle Cassidy kylecassidy.com

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