Baby Wigs Are Creepy, Not Cute, and Totally Gendered

Remember when baby stilettos were a thing? Remember how they never really caught on? Yeah, let’s hope this trend meets the same end.

Baby Bangs, the company responsible for the newest line of toddler toupees, believes “in the beauty of childhood.” So they invented patent pending headband accessories that are making waves across, gee, I don’t know, sandboxes? I guess? The results are pretty weird.


Now, this would be all fine and dandy and laughable if it weren't for the company’s blatantly gendered mission. Their website is loaded with “princess” baby talk. “I’m not a boy!” and “Made just for little girls” are just a few of the phrases making me want to vomit. Their “mystical, magical, memorable” mission is clear: ladies need to look good even in diapers. And that, my friends, is a beauty standard we can’t afford to dole out to babies. This isn’t cute. This isn’t the hottest trend on the market. This isn’t all the rage. This is childhood gendering at its finest.  

Source: Time

Photos via Baby Bangs, Parenting, Kiss and Makeup TV

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