Tiny, Hurt Kitten Wears a Mushroom Costume to Recover


I’m surprised it took me this long to write my first cute baby animal post at BUST, but I’ve finally made it! And I’ve saved myself for something that is epic levels of precious, so brace yourselves: it’s a kitty in little knitted costumes.


STOP, MY HEART! This poor little baby, named Wasabi-Chan, got attacked by a crow in early June, resulting in a split tongue, fractured jaw, and had to be fed via catheter tube. SADFACE!

Luckily, Wasabi-Chan’s rescuer found an innovative way to limit the kitty’s movement: dressing her up in adorable, crocheted little outfits. They’re called “purritos,” and they look as cute as they sound.


Brb, sobbing.            

 The best part? After a few heavily documented weeks, Wasabi-chan has made a successful recovery, and she’s still super cute, as tiny baby kittens tend to be. 

All together, now: awwwwwww! 

Original article via Mashable.com

Images via Mashable.com and Instagram.com

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