In the most epic standoff since Marilyn Wildflower's pedophile takedown, Anna Graham scared off a pair of muggers using just her no-bull attitude.


Anna was smoking in her pajamas outside her home last week when it happened. Two men approached, robbed her friend’s nearby parked car, pulled out a hand gun, and told Anna to give them her wallet.

The 54-year-old woman responded with unbelievable (and probably inadvisable) guts: “Are you kidding me?” she asked, and stared right back into the robber’s eyes.

“He said, ‘I’ll shoot you, bitch!’ I said, ‘No, you won’t.’”

The gunman’s accomplice ordered him to fire, so Anna’s attacker pressed the gun against her forehead. She kept staring, literally now down the barrel of a gun. Then the man lowered his gun right to Anna’s chest, his accomplice yelling “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”


The scene of the crime.


But then Anna really brought it home. “I said, ‘It’s not easy to shoot someone. You have to have balls to do that. And you have none.’”

She says that she saw fear in his face for “just a split second.”

“I went against all the rules, everything he knew about life,” she recalls. “I was standing basically outside of myself. I don’t know why I did what I did.”

One of Anna’s friends came out of her house and bravely pounced on the thug by the car, and another friend called 911 when she noticed what was going on. The robbers fled before the cops arrived, and none of the women were hurt.

Anna's final thoughts confirm just how level-headed she's been throughout the terrifying ordeal: “He should be very grateful to me that he didn’t shoot," she explained, "because once he does that it changes his life 100%."

Well we're certainly grateful, and in awe of Anna's total badassery. How could anyone not be?


Thanks to NY Daily News.

Photos via NY Daily News.

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