New Roxy Ad Relegates Women’s Sports to Rolling Around in Bed, Topless

I haven’t seen such a mockery of surfing since Mary Kate and Ashley’s Hawaiian Beach Party. And at least in that video, they actually surfed.

A new advertisement for Roxy Pro Biarritz – an all-female world surfing contest – has caused quite stir down under, and rightfully so, because it’s straight-up idiotic. Here’s the play-by-play:


Woman rolls around topless in bed and picks up her cell phone, woman puts on sheer white top, checks her e-mail, takes off her sheer white top, takes a shower, gives her surfboard a handjob, drives in SLOW MOTION to the beach (everything is in slow motion, oh my god) walks in SLOW MOTION to the beach (gratuitous ass shot included), takes off her clothes, waxes her board (gratuitous cleavage shot included), puts on her Roxy swim gear, and after what seems like FOREVER paddles into the water.

Also at NO point do you see the women’s face. Super!


Roxy has already defended the ad, stating the following:

"Obviously, there's been much conversation around the video we recently released. We believe all athletes are naturally beautiful, in and out of the water. You certainly don't have to be sexy to be an athlete, & we also believe it's not wrong to be an athlete and to be sexy, if you choose to be. We don't judge one to be better than the other and we don't believe in excluding one for the other. 

Okay, listen, that’s cool and all, I understand that the duality and complexity of women is something to celebrate. Like the way I wear high heels but curse like a sailor. I celebrate that in my blog posts every goddamn day. 

And sexism and sexual objectification in advertising: not really anything new. To be honest, my problem with this isn’t entirely about the woman is being sexualized, or about the promo having a weird voyeuristic feel that’s better fit for a perfume ad.

My problem is that it is just such a terrible advertisement. It's supposed to be promoting a surfing competition, but this is about as much surfing as we see:

Seriously, Roxy? Don't bullshit me about how the message is that you can be both athletic and sexy. You had the opportunity to showcase some seriously badass babes tearing up the ocean, which, rest assured, is visually appealing on it's own, and instead you created some weird sleazy way to, what...lure men into going? Bore me to death? Great job. 

You can watch the whole video here. "Surfing" starts at the 1:26 mark.

Original article and images via heraldsun.com.au

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