Someone picked the wrong kid to mess with. When confronted with a dangerous, frightening situation, 12-year-old Marilyn Wildflower was able to defend herself, and scare off a predator without leaving her own bed. 

Wildflower woke up in the middle of the night to a stranger who was masturbating with one hand and lifting up her sheets with his gun simultaneously. I’m pretty sure that’s right up there on the list of things that are absolutely horrifying. 

But did she panic? Nope.

After telling her 8-year-old sister to close her eyes, this little girl stared at him and said he wasn’t allowed to touch her. Then she snapped her fingers and pointed to the door “like you do with a dog” and said he needed to leave, gradually raising her voice until he backed off completely. 


As the man was leaving, with his head hung low, Marilyn told him he should be “ashamed of himself.”

And the icing on the cake? Marilyn said that she learned from an episode of CSI not to show fear in these situations. So kids, next time someone tells you that watching television will rot your minds, you punch them in the mouth and show them this article.*

Seriously, though, what a brave young lady. I think I’m speaking on behalf of everyone when I say I would’ve freaked the fuck out in the same situation (I still have the wiggins from just typing this out.) But she handled it absolutely beautifully, and I'm glad to hear both her and her sister are safe. 

*Do not actually punch anyone in the mouth.

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