Cure for Bitchy Resting Face Revealed!

Two weeks ago, we discussed the serious issue of living with Bitchy Resting Face. If you need a quick refresher lesson on the disorder, it’s when a woman’s face has about the same emotional range as MTV's Daria.

I also touched upon my own struggles with bitch face, which, along with my lack of proper people skills and habit of wearing all-black, pretty much solidified my place as a social pariah from ages 9 to...now. All the symptoms of chronic bitch face - not getting talked to at house parties, being constantly asked what crawled up my ass and died - have been a part of my day-to-day life. It has been unpleasant. 


But now, there's hope. New, from the beautiful women at emotistyle, it’s Faking It! 

Faking It is a pill that fixates your face so the corners of your mouth turn upwards, which I believe in medical terminology is referred to as a “smile.” Now, people will think you’re a healthy, happy, normal young woman instead of someone who's constantly miserable and/or constipated.

Well, you can imagine my happiness when I heard of Faking It. I was elated. In fact, when I found out, this was the face I made:

Pure. Joy.

And there’s only 33 mild side effects to worry about!

Of course you could stick to the unmedicated treatment of Bitchy Resting Face, which includes telling people to go to hell because you don't owe them some kind of forced expression of joy 24/7.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Image via omg.yahoo.com

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