9 Places For Women To Learn Code for National #WomenInSTEM Day

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Programmers Betty Jean Jennings (left) and Fran Bilas (right) operate ENIAC's main control panel at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering. In December 2015, the UN named today International Day of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). You don't need a computer science degree to celebrate the STEM women, in fact, you can join them with help from these 9 organizations teaching women and girls coding and web development.  1.

Your Killer Monday Night Plans: Speed Rack NYC

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 Writer Dorothy Parker once vowed there were three things she’d never attain: "envy, content, and sufficient champagne." Girl, I feel that universal struggle. But if you show up to Speed Rack NYC this Monday, you’ll at least attain a few darn good cocktails and four hours of non-stop boozy entertainment.   Now in the midst of its fifth national tour, Speed Rack is the one n’ only speed bartending competition created by and for badass female bartenders.

Lizzo's Latest Music Video Will Have You Catching Feelings

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Lizzo's newest music video is so moving. The Minneapolis based rapper's next album, Big GRRRL Small World is all set to come out Dec 11, which is basically like tomorrow. Regardless, I'm sitting here toe-tapping, thumb twiddling, and trying really hard to play it cool before the bomb drops. 

Everything this woman does is heartfelt and real, which neatly falls under my definition of femme badassery. I'd definitely say that the lady is warrior princess material, and in the video for My Skin, she glows.

She released the video in wake of the murder of Jamar Clark, a 24 year old who was shot by the Minneapolis police on November 15. Black Lives Matter activists of the Twin Cities spent 18 days camping outside of the police precinct in protest of the fatal shooting. As the cities are Lizzo's home turf, she articulated the song's relationship to the realities of Black lives in America. 

"Skin does not change," she writes. "It is our permanent marker in this life; a calling card to ethnic pride. I was appraised and judged based on the color of my skin." Lizzo describes the tension in her city throughout the protests in lucid prose. "People were mourning and crying; the pain of losing someone coupled with the pain of thousands of slain black men and women hung like a heavy mist in my neighborhood." 

Self love is transformative. I'm so appreciative that Lizzo's shared hers with us in this video--accepting who you are, flaws and all, is a radical act. And it's true: that kind of empowerment doesn't happen in a vacuum.

"I performed in this video being fully aware of the consequences...This video will be seen, scrutinized, laughed at, hated, loved, but most importantly, appreciated," the Facebook post reads.

She's right. The honesty and authenticity it takes to care for yourself is directly related to the political and economic structures under which we live. The bravery of sharing your truth is a subversive and subtle dismantling of the unfeeling, oppressive landscape of our present moment.

"My afro-hair, fat, muscle, bone and melanin are not a punchline--I was born in it and I will proudly wake up in it everyday," Lizzo wrote. 

I'm all about this shit. We were honored that Lizzo performed at our issue release party yesterday, where she quite literally dazzled (also, her skin was coated with glitter)."I could tell it was her," said several people of Lizzo--she's got a magic and a presence that everyone can feel. When she performed this song, I was shaken. Lizzo is someone I look up to a lot, and I'm glad to share a universe with her. You can watch the video here:


Lizzo's newest music video is so moving. The Minneapolis based rapper's next album, Big GRRRL Small World is all set to come out Dec 11, which is basically like tomorrow. Regardless, I'm sitting here toe-tapping, thumb twiddling, and trying really hard to play it cool before the bomb drops.  Everything this woman does is heartfelt and real, which neatly falls under my definition of femme badassery. I'd definitely say that the lady is warrior princess material, and in the video for My Skin, she glows.

Don't Miss the Delicious Carnage at Brooklyn's Chili Takedown This Weekend

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New Yorkers love food, and part of assimilating to society here is learning to *obssess* about weirdly specific items, like egg creams, cronuts, tacos and of course, pizza.    But you know what? I’m from the South. And in the South, food isn’t fancy. We like our food messy and informal. Which is why you will most definitely spot me at the Brooklyn Chili Takedown this Sunday.  So what’s a takedown you ask? Imagine Top Chef, but more like a party than a cutthroat competition – all of the Takedown contestants are amateurs entering their own recipes.

Creepy High School Principal Says Dress Code Protects Virginity, Admits To 'Lustful' Thoughts About Students

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Sexist dress codes are nothing new. Recently, there was Carey Buress of Beaufort High School in South Carolina, who was sent home for wearing this shockingly whorish outfit. There was the group of students in Charleston, South Carolina (what is it with South Carolina?) who wore scarlet A’s to protest fucked up dress codes when, according to The Post and Courier,  a girl was told by her guidance counselor that “If you’re a larger girl, wear a longer skirt so your butt doesn’t show.” It’s not just in high schools, either.

Utah Lesbian Foster Parents Have Child Taken Away By Homophobic Judge

BY Holiday Black IN General

We’re quick to rule out places like Utah as anomalies, but really, those places in some ways should serve as a marker for the general level of violence that reigns in the world of hetero patriarchy. It’s easy to get mad for enough time it takes to ball a fist, but I’d rather sit with that anger and think about dismantling these systems of pervasive yuck. I have plenty I could rage about in this blog post. At this point though I’ll try to forge? a place for forgiveness and just remind myself that we have work to do.  

Images: Heather Has Two Mommies; KUTV

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In this morning’s addition to bigotry against LGBT parenting, two lesbian foster parents in Utah have had their one-year-old taken from them, thanks to the clutches of Mormonism. The legally married couple, Beckie Pierce and April Hoagland, had been caring for the child for three months as the state worked towards severing the biological mother’s parental rights. The mother had asked Hoagland and Pierce to take charge, and the couple is licensed to serve as foster parents. Any logical (read: sane) person would look at this and infer that their position is completely legal.

BUST Craftacular London Vendor Highlight: East Wick

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Ah, flickering candlelight and Christmas go together like Turkey and Brussel sprouts... And with a handmade candle by BUST Craftacular London stallholder East Wick the festive effect will be all the better! The candles are made in East London (hence the name, although there's a witchy reference in there, too) by Roxi and Em, who use all-natural vegan soy wax in a sense-stirring selection of fragrances. Fancy something sweet? Try Fig, Bergamot & Apple. Something rich? Light up the Woodland Musk. Or maybe the Coconut & Sweet Pea, with its notes of germanium and magnolia.

Kara Walker Turns Racist Symbols Into Haunting Art In New Show

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I am constantly in awe of Walker’s ability to take a whole new way of exploding my consciousness of the pure theatre of American history. In my own encounter with her work (full disclosure: I say this as a white person), I’ve been touched, provoked, and pushed by Walker’s ability to expound upon the racialized scripts, which permeate our daily lives. If you are in London and able to go see this exhibition before it closes Nov. 7, please please please do so on my behalf or you might make me cry. No pressure or anything.

Photos courtesy of Victoria Miro Gallery. 

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Artist Kara Walker’s first show in London, Go To Hell or Atlanta, Whichever Comes First, follows suit in the artist's tradition of deconstructing the sexual and racial. Walker’s previous works include 2014 installation A Subtlety, a giant sugar sphinx in the industrial Brooklyn treasure, the Domino Sugar Factory. In 1994, Walker was awarded a MacArthur “genius,” grant for her gigantic mural, Gone: An Historical Romance of Civil War As it Occurred b’tween the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart.

Get Your Knit On With Wool And The Gang At The BUST London Christmas Craftacular

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Well, this is how excited we are that Wool and the Gang are coming to the BUST Christmas Craftacular on November 22! For those of you that don't know, Wool and the Gang is the East London tour de force that is helping to take knitting to a whole new place. Combining scrumptious yarns, patterns and chic kits with knit parties and a gang mentality, founders Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood are "pioneering fashion production that's made in a sustainable way, bringing back knitting as a viable means of production for generations to come".

Solange Takes Down Instagram Troll Who Insulted Her Son

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  When Solange Knowles posted a photo of her son in Halloween garb, she was met mostly with praise. Julesz posed with impressive steeze for an 11-year-old poise in an LL Cool J costume, leaning against a brick wall in a red track suit and Adidas. “Young Cool J too cool for ghosts and goblins,” she captioned the photo.  While the photo accumulated a deserved several thousand likes, it also inspired one troll to rear it’s head from the depths of the social media-verse. “So cute but at the same time, he ugly,” wrote the troll.