Beyoncé continues to use her platform to be outspoken about racism and police brutality. On Thursday, she posted a powerful statement to her website denouncing the violence that black people have faced at the hands of police in the United States. Beyoncé speaks, we listen. “This is not a plea to all police officers but toward any human being who fails to value life. The war on people of color and all minorities needs to be over.” The statement ended with a call to action, urging people to contact their local politicians and demand systemic change.
On Tuesday night Alton Sterling was killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On Wednesday Philando Castile was killed by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Both of these men were innocent and both of these men were black. These are just two of over two thousand people killed by police since Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.   Statistics have shown that black people are far more likely to be killed by police than whites. According to Vox, 31% of police killing victims in 2012 were black, even though they made up just 13% of the US population.
As a woman, my day doesn’t feel quite complete unless at least one graphic, unwarranted sexual comment is made about my appearance by some skeevy dude on the street. If a shadowy figure lurking outside of the subway station doesn’t shout “nice ass!” or “damn!” at me as I pass…did my day actually take place? Or did I dream it? Debatable. What I’m getting at here is that it’s nearly an unreality when a woman or female-bodied individual leaves the house and is able to feel safe and comfortable – or even as if we’re allowed to exist in this world – within our own skin.
  Elizabeth Warren is a badass — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts was elected to her seat in 2013 and we’ve been cheering her on from the sidelines ever since. It just so happens that today is this fabulous woman's birthday! In honor of her 67th, we’ve crafted a list celebrating a few of the many reasons why we are such fans of Warren and why we think she's the most badass Senator in Washington right now. 1. She’s not tied to Wall Street. Warren’s top contributors from 2011-2016 are EMILY’s List and Moveon.
Here at BUST, the summer music season is in full swing and the heat is on! To celebrate, we’ve got riot grrrl pioneer and timeless badass Kathleen Hanna gracing our cover. And inside, we’ve got an exclusive interview with OITNB’s awesome Uzo Aduba, a surprising photo essay featuring a woman who left the world behind to work with adorable sloths in the jungle, a true story of our staffer’s dating app adventures all over N.Y.C., and a guide to getting birth control for free online.
Here at BUST, spring has sprung! And to celebrate, we’ve got one of our most exciting cover gals ever—comedy powerhouse Melissa McCarthy! Inside, we’ve got an exclusive interview with fashion rule breaker Patricia Field, a surprising photo essay featuring the glamorous nail divas of Newark, the true story of a mysterious woman who inspired art all over N.Y.C., and a guide to applying ancient erotic texts to modern sex.
Its Bike Prom time! BUST Magazine will host the Best Dressed competition at The Tender Trap (66 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222) this Friday, March 4th. The cyclists who come dressed in the fanciest duds as deemed by BUST’s own Callie Watts will win $50, a bottle of Champagne & a very naughty swag bag from the ladies of BUST – entry is free! Bike Prom will give competitors a chance to trade strategies and mingle before Monstertrack XVII, one of the world’s largest and highly regarded ‘alleycat’ races for fixed gear cyclists, now in its 17th year.
Programmers Betty Jean Jennings (left) and Fran Bilas (right) operate ENIAC's main control panel at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering. In December 2015, the UN named today International Day of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). You don't need a computer science degree to celebrate the STEM women, in fact, you can join them with help from these 9 organizations teaching women and girls coding and web development.  1.
 Writer Dorothy Parker once vowed there were three things she’d never attain: "envy, content, and sufficient champagne." Girl, I feel that universal struggle. But if you show up to Speed Rack NYC this Monday, you’ll at least attain a few darn good cocktails and four hours of non-stop boozy entertainment.   Now in the midst of its fifth national tour, Speed Rack is the one n’ only speed bartending competition created by and for badass female bartenders.
Lizzo's newest music video is so moving. The Minneapolis based rapper's next album, Big GRRRL Small World is all set to come out Dec 11, which is basically like tomorrow. Regardless, I'm sitting here toe-tapping, thumb twiddling, and trying really hard to play it cool before the bomb drops.  Everything this woman does is heartfelt and real, which neatly falls under my definition of femme badassery. I'd definitely say that the lady is warrior princess material, and in the video for My Skin, she glows.