Gay Icon Harvey Milk to be Honored on U.S. Stamp

Sending your grandma a birthday card is about to get way more rad! On October 10th, it was confirmed that the United States Postal Service will be issuing a commemorative stamp in honor of politician Harvey Milk, a.k.a. the first openly gay man to hold a public office in California. (Side note: I highly recommend the biopic starring Sean Penn...guaranteed to make you cry like a little baby or your money back!!) 

Stuart Milk, Harvey's nephew and founder of the Milk Foundation, revealed the fist-pump-worthy news via Twitter: 

"Breaking! It is official! The USPS will confirm this week that my uncle, Harvey Milk will be commemorated on a 2014 US postage stamp. Another first! My deep gratitude to everyone that supported this effort! More details including the image to come via USPS soon! 'Hope Will Never Be Silent' - that enduring message will be represented by Harvey's image on millions of letters!"

Whaddya mean "it's just a stamp!"? There ain't no thang as just a stamp; It's a government-issued document that will be seen and used by millions of people every day! So get ready all you letter-sending nerds--The Harvey Milk stamp is set to debut some time in 2014!


Thanks to the Huffington Post.

Image via LGBTQ Nation.


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