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Download, play and rate full version PC games for free. Choose from hundreds of the latest titles. Download and play as many games as you want instantly on your PC. No registration required.

Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency is a video webseries that explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.

Feminists in Games

Fem­i­nists in Games, funded by a Cana­dian SSHRC Grant is an endeavor cre­ated with the pur­pose of assem­bling an inter­na­tional research asso­ci­a­tion of dig­i­tal media researchers from a full range of salient dis­ci­plines to begin build­ing ‘con­n ... is an online community where women go for all things geek. The all female staff covers videogames, role-playing, anime and manga, casual games, technology, gadgets, and comic books. We provide a place where women can explore their " ...

Geek Feminism

The Geek Feminism blog exists to support, encourage, and discuss issues facing women in geek communities, including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and more. (Yes, we take a broad view of geekdom.) Things that are on-topic for this blog: ...

PMS Clan-"Your Dead Cause We Shoot Like Girls"


Making a name for themselves in the male dominated world of gaming, PMS Clan is the largest and most recognized all-female gaming team online. With over 500 female members from all over the world and different ages playing on Xbox, Playstation 2, and PC.