Ridiculous, fabulous, and hilarious.

Bumblebeez’ latest release is like every song you’ve ever danced to, concentrated and distilled into 16 excellent tracks. The band, founded by a brother-sister duo, deftly channels Beck, Amanda Blank, A Tribe Called Quest, Happy Mondays, the Tetris theme song, Pavement, and fellow Aussies the Vines at once. The group’s sophomore effort, Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill, takes you on a journey from sassy raps to reggae guitars, vocoder voices, and neopsychedelic riffs. It’s a grab bag with a few jarring transitions that are eclipsed by irresistible, danceable hooks. The album includes snotty-girl anthems like "Spaceships," a song that reminds me of the ’80s hit "I Know What Boys Like." Standout track "Comin Fa Ya" is a direct play on M.I.A.’s "Bucky Done Gun" with a steady, lazy chant, "We’re coming for your money/We’re coming for your time." Consistent with the group’s first effort, Prince Umberto is ridiculous, fabulous, hilarious, and full of energy—everything you’d want in a raucous night out.

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