Free Movies Starring Powerful Women at Videology

Tired of seeing free movies? Nope. Interested in seeing kick-ass women in lead roles? Hell yes. Lucky for you, Videology’s Strong Female Lead series kicks off this August, and they’re celebrating women in cinema by screening a different movie every month, each with a powerful female at the center of the action. 

The Williamsburg video store/bar/screening room is host to all kinds of fun screening parties and themed bingo nights, and it begins its Strong Female Lead series on August 7th with Slums of Beverly Hills, starring Natasha Lyonne. Then, in September, it’s Dangerous Minds, followed by Dumplings, Obsessed and Double Platinum. 

And if the thought of seeing leading ladies like Beyoncé, Michelle Pfeiffer and Diana Ross wasn’t enough to persuade you (and it totally should be), each movie will be accompanied by snacks and a chance to win prizes afterwards! Did we mention this is all free? 


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