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I know there's a spark left in there somewhere. This is a place to remind you about what fueled your life before the husband... before the kids...before you just got too busy to think about you...


A "things and stuff blog (which is sort of a food blog in disguise, most times)the pics are not pro, nor is the prose, but I try to be honest and interesting.

The Delicious Life

drinking. dining out. dabbling in the kitchen. all the things that make life delicious

The Hungry Mouse

Jessie's adventures in food and cooking. Fresh content. Every day.

The Sweet Kitchen

Just good food from fresh ingredients.

This Mama Cooks!

Recipes, kitchen tips, restaurant discussions, cooking magazine and book reviews, and product critiques from a Mama who loves to cook.

Vegan Common Feast

This zine was made by members of the House of Commons, a 27 person vegetarian cooperative in Austin, Texas. Many vegan cookbooks overlook dirt cheap cooking in large volumes. Our house wanted to share a variety of real-life meals from our dinners so that ...

Vegan Cow Girl

A vegan-centric blog that documents the wild ways of making it as a vegan in a not-always-so-friendly world. Includes recipes, travel narratives and personal anecdotes.

Vegan Schmeegan


Vegan Schmeegan! Awesome recipes and delectable treats to be enjoyed by vegans and nonvegans alike.

Vegetarian Foodie


Mix Great Food, Wine, Family & Friends-Top it all off with Leisure

Vegetarian Women Online Magazine

Ecofeminish online magazine promoting the creative, business, and charitable ventures of vegetarian women and environmentalists.

Womanswork Gardening Gloves

Gardening and work gloves designed by women for women! The best fitting women's working gloves for gardening and working outside in the dirt. Absolutely the best gardening gloves out there!

Grillgrrrl highlights the "adventures of a girl on the grill". This blog shows fun things to try out on the grill that are creative, simple, and (usually) healthy. Grillgrrrl also focuses on simple yet exciting meals that can easily be made week ...

Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma’am is a blog that covers women and men in comics, books, music, film, and other artistic areas. It also focuses on feminist issues and other important political topics. It also covers the cooking adventures of Kate and Freddy.

You Grow Girl


You Grow Girl is all about the Plant Kingdom. A one-of-a-kind site that isn't just about peat moss and garden clogs. Presenting plant knowledge for beginner and expert as no one else does -- humour, music, aesthetics, experiments, with a youthf ...