Vegan Common Feast

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This zine was made by members of the House of Commons, a 27 person vegetarian cooperative in Austin, Texas. Many vegan cookbooks overlook dirt cheap cooking in large volumes. Our house wanted to share a variety of real-life meals from our dinners so that you can experiment using them for your communal house, using up a ton of veggies from your CSA, or your next vegan potluck. Our house is a rainbow of experiences and cultures, which is why there is a wide variety of crowd-pleasing meals. The zine is 49 pages long and includes yummy recipes that are cheap, delicious and house favorites. Including: Vegan Mac n Cheeze Apple Empanadas Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas Vegan Cooking Philosophies What to do with a bunch of bagels? Stories from our co-op & MANY MORE! ALL of the proceeds of the sale of this zine go directly back to the House of Commons to buy blenders, sharp knives, cutting boards, bulk bins, and other essential items for our kitchen. Your support means the world to us!