Attention Madge fans, the new trailer for Madonna's movie W.E. has dropped.  Will it be her comeback into the film world?  From the looks of the trailer, the cinematography looks beautiful and the music is lovely.  

The film, written and directed by Madonna, takes place in 1930s England, and is Madonna's take on the affair between American socialite Wallis Simpson and and King Edward VII.  King Edward later abdicated the throne to be with Ms. Simpson, and the whole thing was the height of celebrity scandal during that time.  This story connects to a modern day affair starring Abbie Cornish.  I'm assuming the events of the modern day affair will interconnect and relate to the events of the historical affair.  It sounds like a familiar story concept.  The film premiered to mixed reviews at the Venice International Film festival a few months ago.

Something I didn't know until I just IMDBed Madonna, is that this isn't her first self-written and self-directed film.  In 2008, she wrote and directed Filth and Wisdom which was a comedy about flatmates in London.  That film got mixed reviews as well, but mostly poor. Perhaps this film will do better.  It certainly looks gorgeous, here's the preview:

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Photo: The Weinstein Co

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