FIona Apple Is A French Super Hero? Count Me In


While there's no denying Fiona Apple's other worldly musical skills, an upcoming project will have the singer trading her vocal and songwriting abilities for real super powers in the new French show, H-Man. She plays BioFrau, the leader of the activist group "Feux Verts" who apparently will have some awesome earth bending powers of her own. The show was created from the mind of Joseph Cahill, the same guy who directed Apple's music video for "Every Single Night," if that tells you anything about the surreal nature of this series. My French is pretty much limited to short quips from old Madeline episodes, so I'm not really sure what's going on or what they're saying. All I know is that it premieres in March, and I will definitely be tuning in to watch Fiona Apple kick some bad guy butt (not really sure if she's a hero or villain, but I will still root for her). Check out the silly teaser trailer below and feel free to translate in the comments!



Thanks to Stereogum

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