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Your Home for Feminist Resources on the Web: Activism, News, Anti-Violence Resources, Women Owned Business Directory, Articles, Ask Amy & Much More.



Feminist site and blog dedicated to feminist rhetoric, news and views, and the life of a 23-year-old mother and college student.



A collective webzine of Detroit feminists and activists.



FEMMous presents today’s current issues, pop culture, art, music and miscellaneous intrigue from a Canadian female’s perspective. There is a need for spaces such as these where women are free to express their opinions and appreciate the fellow woman!



Feminist critique of pop media.

Fun With Feminism


Putting the fun in feminism, where it belongs!

generation grrl


a young, hip feminist zine that covers feminist issues, creative stuff, activism, music, books & mags, links, and lots and lots of info.

Girl Kisses (and More) in TV and Film: A 20-Year Retros...


It’s been twenty years since two women first kissed on a prime time television series. (To find out which show, read on.)

Girl Posse Cafe


A little bit of everything for web savvy chicks. Advice; movie, book and music reviews; tips on travel and cooking; bad date stories, rants and more!

Girl Talk


For the twenty-something woman who woke up one day and wondered where all her friends went.

Grace Reading Series


Elizabeth Merrick founded the Grace Reading Series and Miss Grace's Salon to support and celebrate women literary writers. We have a monthly reading in New York, as well as online monthly book recommendations and interviews with women writers whose work w ...

Heartless Bitches International


Funny, funny, funny, and oh, so true...sign up to be a member!

Heidi Van Horne.com


homesite of Actress and Neo-Retro Pin Up Model Heidi Van Horne - feminist, actress, retro rockabilly pin up girl

Holla Back DC


Holla Back DC is fighting street harassment in America’s capital by empowering Washingtonians to speak out against gender based public sexual harassment. We define gender based sexual harassment as any sexual harassment that occurs in a public spa ...

International Women's Health Coalition


A non-profit dedicated to empowering women, to gain control over their bodies through dispensing reproductive health/rights information. IWHC works with the governents in those nations as well as with grass-roots organizations in the targeted developing ...

Jewish Women Watching


Jewish Women Watching aims to rouse the public to challenge and change the sexist and other discriminatory practices in the American Jewish community. We use biting satire and real-life facts to criticize our community's narrow-minded priorities. Jewish W ...

Jump off the Bridge


This blog covers feminist issues, politics, activism, and race/ethnicity issues, but also keeps things light with a lot of "music breaks," books, etc.



zine stuff. look and see.