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Center for Reproductive Law and Policy


A great resource for information on abortion, contraception, and other reproductive issues in the United States and internationally. The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy is an independent, non-profit legal organization dedicated to ensuring that al ...

Cool Cool Grrrls


"Coolgrrrls is the single girls' guide to music, the arts, travel, and talk. We are by cool girls, for cool girls (and anyone who loves us!)."

Cosmo Boycott


for women who have decided to turn their backs on negative, anti-feminist media, and not accept the image of so-called "femininity" that is being marketed by such glossies as Cosmopolitan. anyone with a myspace can join the boycott, and use the ...

Cult of Gracie


Three BIG taboos: Politics, Religion & Sexuality. And the connections therein...



Sex-positive, feminist, civil rights blog. For all your most taboo subjects. Join the revolution. Spread the love.



The life of a young feminist who is passionate about helping other women cut through the bullshit, and make informed, empowering, life decisions.

Disgruntled Housewife


Disgruntled housewives of America, Unite!

Doing Gender


Gender studies research website.



Eminism.org is the world's premier eminist portal site, featuring funky buttons and 'zines about intersex, sex worker, slut, genderqueer and just plain queer issues.

Ex In The City


Ex In The City was formed to empower and inspire "dumped, divorced, dynamic divas” through the five stages of "EX", to reshape their lives after the breakup of a relationship. Whether they are in EXile, EXpressing anger, EXorcising old demons, EXploring n ...



Feminism, food, fact and fiction. A blue gal in a red state with an opinion on everything, follows national and regional politics, gender issues, media and culture.

Famous Women Inventors


Profiles selected women inventors of the 20th century.

Fashion Food Feminism


This is a blog about style, fashion, feminism, thrifting, decorating, baking, film, and music. Basically all the things we love. We created this blog because there was lack of all these things combined with FEMINISM. We wanted to show that feminism and ...

FCW Society


FCW Society is dedicated to promoting and exploring feminist issues and interests while spreading the word and celebrating the fact that women are so f@#%king cool!

Female Equality Matters (R)


The "No Glass Ceiling" Brand/Certification (C) - allows consumers to "vote with their $ for companies, brands, non-profits and colleges/universities that have proven they value women as top talent by having an exceptional percentage of them in top leaders ...

Feminist Creative Alliance


Our mission is to cultivate various feminist artistic voices and expressions. This organization exists to provide a catalyst for interaction, dialogue and growth in Chicago communities and beyond.

Feminist Housewives


Are you a Feminist struggling to make sense of domestic life? Come join us and we'll help! A free resource and community for Feminist housewives and their supporters.

Feminist Moms


This is a blog of resources about the emerging mothers movement as well as my personal thoughts about being a feminist mother. My aim is to help make mothers a more vocal part of the women's movement.