Fashion Food Feminism

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This is a blog about style, fashion, feminism, thrifting, decorating, baking, film, and music. Basically all the things we love. We created this blog because there was lack of all these things combined with FEMINISM. We wanted to show that feminism and the above interests do not have to be MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. We are 3 friends who met in Chicago. We come from different backgrounds, but our common link is we are not afraid of the dreaded “F-word” feminist and gladly identify as such. We feel that feminists shouldn’t be stereotyped or pitted against one another or that if you are a feminist that you can’t enjoy getting a mani-pedi while sipping on champagne. We are starting this blog because we are now in three different locations. Maria is in a small, college town in upstate New York. Phaydra remains in Chicago. Vera is in Oakland, California. We want to remain connected to each other and share what it is to be a feminist. Yes, feminists do like fashion and food and even enjoy watching Sex and the City (of course not without critique).