Bic Soleil ladies razors- a thing of the past

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I just created my very first petition. I was shocked to see a poster on the subway about a month ago depicting a 1950s pinup style cartoon of long-legged woman bending over in the grocery store, her mini skirt riding higher in the back, with a confident smile thrown in the direction of the viewer. "For legs that beckon." is the slogan written across the bottom. I want to send a message to Bic that this sort of sexist objectification of women and the message that this ad sends is an offensive and incorrect representation of women and should be removed. This being my first petition I would gladly appreciate constructive criticism on the petition itself, support, spreading the word online via networking of any kind, and, of course, your signature. If you have and suggestions as to more websites I can share this petition URL on that would be likely to appreciate and support my cause, please let me know at Thanks for your time!