Beyoncé and Friends Ring in a Sound for Change

If anyone is going to bring fierceness to fundraising, it’s Beyoncé. This weekend, she took the stage with other pop stars and celebrities at Sound for Change Live at the Twickenhem Stadium in London. The massive concert event was set up to raise money for Chime for Change, an organization started by her, Salma Hayek and Frida Gianini (of Gucci fame.) Chime for Change’s mission statement is to help combat serious issues and crimes against women and get them the “education, health and justice” they deserve.

And, if we’re going to be honest, the concert served as a well-produced mainstream way to expose women’s issues to the masses. Because not everyone grows up listening to Bikini Kill. 


But that’s fine, this is how you should use celebrity status, everyone. For all our celebrity readers out there.

The roster included performances from Jennifer Lopez, Florence Welch, Iggy Azalea and Jessie J, as well as celebrity video endorsements from the likes of Madonna, Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz.

Regardless of their individual statuses as feminists – don’t we have a long going debate going about whether Beyoncé is or not? Or was that settled? Can be this be thing that settles it?– nobody can take away from the fact that this is a genuinely benevolent cause. Women need to support one another, to empower one another, to reach out and educate one another about how we’re being oppressed, and how it needs to stop 

Not only in our own country, too. The nice thing about Chime for Change can be seen in their slogan: "Education, health, justice. For every woman. Every girl. Everywhere." There’s a refreshing stress on intersectionality by embracing global issues; every female deserves equal rights. It’s sort of the whole point of equality, isn’t it?

Original article and image via Independent.uk

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