This week in stupidity, a completely male-dominated Fox newspanel discussed how it’s deeply problematic that four out of 10 (so less than half) households have a female primary breadwinner.

Apparently this set-up is “hurting our family.” It’s resulting in abortions and high school drop outs. And, my favorite quote courtesy of Erick Erickson, supporting female bread-winners is “anti-science” because of biology. Really? Maybe they should bring that argument to a lioness, which goes out and kills its prey to feed the family. Should go over well. 


I’m no economist, but I think it’s fair to say society is structured very differently than it was 50, even 10 years ago. Consider that up until the last half-decade it was unprecedented for a women to get a college education, let alone a non-secretarial job. Consider how the divorce rate has forced single mother’s into working three jobs to give their children a normal life. Consider that the economy is so stilted that most households cannot function on one salary alone, and that in addition to balancing exhaustive domestic chores, women are stepping up keep the family afloat (thank you, mom.)

Consider that women may actually just enjoy having a successful career, and what the fuck is wrong with that?

We are hardly in an economical matriarchy, friends.

Watch the entire shitshow below.

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