Katy Perry Apologizes To Rapper Who Threatened To Beat Her - Wait, What?!

In what parallel universe does a woman publicly apologize to a man who threatens to beat her up and make her “suck skin off" his dick?

Our universe, apparently. And as an added bonus, this woman is Katy Perry, idol to millions of teenage girls.


After Perry tweeted “Just heard a new song on the radio called "I hate being sober" I now have serious doubt for the world,” the song's artist, Chief Keef (real name Keith Cozart) decided to respond. The rapper wrote that Perry should perform oral sex on him and then be physically abused.


 How did Katy Perry react? By apologizing.

Why did she do this? Perhaps she didn’t want to antagonize a kid (he is only 17 years old), who allegedly hired a hit man to murder a fellow rapper and has been under house arrest twice.

Nevertheless, it's very disappointing. Chief Keef’s tweets were completely out of line. Why is this dude even famous?

I'd never heard of him until today so I consulted my journalism bible, Wikipedia. Some fun facts I learned include: last year he posted a photo on Instagram of him getting a BJ. He is currently a defendant in a child support lawsuit from an eighth grader. Last week he was caught in Chicago going 110 mph in a 55mph zone. Also, in his new song “You” he raps: “You aint gonna let me fuck and I feel you, but you gone suck my dick or I’ll kill you.” 

Rap artists have courted controversy for years so this is nothing new. But it doesn’t change the fact that boys like Cozart should never, ever be idolized for such misogynistic behavior. Whether he's talented or not (that is not for me to judge), this guy does not deserve to be glorified.

And definitely not apologized to, for that matter.

Come on Katy, make us proud - don't accept this kind of behavior.

Source: Policymic

Images courtesy of vibe.com, tumblr.com

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