It turns out that Gothamist isn’t the only one who had a hard time swallowing the latest in American Apparel sexism.  BUST dared to ask American Apparel for fair game with the nudity in the ad campaigns, and Swedish fashion designer Petter Lindqvist of brought it!

Fashion blogger and company product manager Michaela Forni teamed up with Lindgyist to create a gender-role reversal ad for the product Pretty Vegas trench.

“We thought it was sick that American Apparel time and again gets away with such sexist advertising," Forni said. "We wanted to do the exact same thing they did, but with the opposite gender."



To further defend his ad campaign, Lindqvist spoke to the Aftonbladet newspaper, “We wanted to open people's eyes by turning things on their head. People don't think it's okay to see a naked man in the same way."

Forni and hope American Apparel and others in the fashion industry will take notice of their gender role reversal. “On our site, it's the man who has his bare ass in the air and is seen in a sexually seductive pose.” She said. "People say, 'Ew, you can't have those images.' But when women are portrayed similarly, no one reacts."



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