Barbie’s Dreamhouse is Under Attack

Barbie’s iconic pink mansion unfolded in Berlin yesterday, and a local feminist group took a stand against it's arrival. With a rally cry of “Pink Stinks," protesters marched to the dream house– functioning as a half museum, half endless "walk-in closet" - in numbers far exceeding that of regular attendees. Barbie herself was seen pinned to crucifix, and set on fire, burning her into a melting mess. Security guards promptly escorted protesters out of there, and in other words, shit got cray.

According to Michael Koschitzki, a member of the protest group, the dreamhouse symbolizes "the beauty craze and the discrimination of women in modern-day life. It presents a cliché of the female role in society." The protest is not meant to be an attack on "little girls and their dreams," but instead promote the idea that there’s more to life than being what society deems "beautiful."


Personally I’ve always been supportive of Barbie’s life choices (I know, how very third-wave of me.) She's far from perfect, but she has a very fulfilling career-life, and she tends to treat her boyfriend more as an accessory then a necessity. Plus, YOU have creative control to alter her appearance and personality. If you have some scissors, pens, green paint and a DIY spirit, you can make Barbie punk rock as hell. Speaking from personal experience.

But hey, if they want to protest the mass-marketed, unrealistic beauty ideal of a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, giraffe-necked woman, more power to them.

Sources: USA TodayNY Daily News

Image Via Getty Images

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