Ann Coulter: 'I'm A Feminist American

Appearing on the Danish TV talk show Blül Stih this weekend, conservative pundit Ann Coulter shocked the show's hosts by announcing, "I'm a feminist American."  Coulter, better known stateside for making such provocative statements as "All the pretty girls are Conservatives" and "I think Civil Rights are for blacks, not feminists," explained that a recent trip to Afghanistan led to her change of heart. "Seeing the way women in other parts of the world are treated really gave me pause. It made me go back and read some  books I'd previously disregarded—the Second Sex, the Feminist Mystique--and suddenly it all clicked. I had, as Oprah would say, my a-ha moment." Not quite sure how to respond, the surprised hosts sat in stunned silence for a few moments. "Look, we all make mistakes," Coulter said. "I'm sorry that I spoke out the way I did. I realize it may have really hurt people. But  I've changed, and I now consider myself to be a pro-woman, pro-choice progressive." 

When asked why she went out of her way for so many years to speak out against  feminists, Coulter, who was almost unrecognizable on the show, having chopped her trademark long blonde hair into a short, spikey hairdo, and trading her miniskirt for a t-shirt and a pair of overalls, responded, "You try getting book deals and talk show appearances in the United States with a pro-feminist agenda. I mean, my mortgage isn't going to pay itself!" She said that she planned to make the same announcement stateside later this week, when she is scheduled to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher. "I know it will be a shock to my family to find out that I'm a Liberal, but I'm sure they will eventually come to accept who I am." 


Source: The Copenhagen Post

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