Iconic feminist and activist Gloria Steinem will guest star on a 30-minute special on Nickelodeon's news show, Nick News, to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment and women's rights. She'll be joined by host Linda Ellerbee and a group of teenagers for "Are We There Yet? Women's History, Past, Present, and Future," which premieres tonight at 8pm ET/PT. The kids featured on the show bring up the lack of emphasis on women's history and suffrage in schools today. They also observe the negative connotations associated with the word "feminism." Several teens note the list of unattractive attributes connected to feminists, like not shaving, burning bras, hating men, and not being fashionable. Some of the boys in the group add in the unfair assumptions about men who identify as feminists, primarily the accusation that they must be homosexual.


One of the main goals of this Nick News Special is to discover how teens view feminism and women’s rights as they stand today. Steinem noted after the talk that she was somewhat taken aback by many girls’ feelings about equality rights, as many thought, “that all the battles were over and that the struggles were done and that everything was equal.” Linda Ellerbee also adds great insight on how many strong women have paved the way and made careers like her own possible.

It’s so important that engaging discourse like this takes place, especially with a young audience like Nickelodeon viewers. Steinem will undoubtedly provide her audience with conscious knowledge and inspiring answers to the questions at hand. We can only hope as many kids tune into this as they do iCarly or whatever it is kids are watching these days.

Thanks to TulsaWorld.com and BroadwayWorld.com for info on this story!

Photos via TulsaWorld.com

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