From Suffrage to Sheryl Sandberg: Celebrating Women’s History Month



March is Women’s History Month. That women have a month at all is somewhat disheartening—implying, as it does, that the other 12 belong to men. It can often feel as if (to paraphrase the great philosopher Paula Abdul) for every two steps forward, we take two steps back.


But we’ve come a long way. One hundred years ago, women were fighting for suffrage. Today, we’re debating the intricacies of Sheryl Sandberg’s manifesto.

Still, we’ve got a long way to go—for women in the US and for those around the world. The uphill battle won’t be easy, but it must be waged. As Erica Jong says, “You can never hang back and live your life. Just as democracy tends to evaporate when you stop fighting for it, feminist gains tend to evaporate when we stop fighting.”

It can be hard to maintain the energy to keep up the good fight, so let us add fuel to your fire. From Sex and the Single Girl to Fear of Flying, the folks at Open Road Media have put together a collection of fiction and nonfiction ebooks that will make your perfect Women’s History Month reading list.

And you should watch this video. Featuring Gloria Steinem, Erica Jong, Alice Walker, Dalma Heyn, Alix Kates Shulman, and Bel Kaufman, it’s bound to set you ablaze.



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